Mediterranean Magazine Advertising

Mediterranean Magazine Summer 2017 Issue

Our advertising rates are per month.  For example a full page ad for 3 months will total $262.50.  We do not accept advertising for a term less than three months. The longer you advertise the lower the rate.  We will be publishing our magazine four times per year yet there is not advertising deadline.  We simply adjust the magazine cover page, content and articles with each season: SUMMER, FALL, WINTER & SPRING.  The advertising stays online as long as the term that is paid for.  For example if you purchased a three month ad on July 18th, 2020 that ad would run until October 19th, 2020.  All ads must be camera ready or a $100. design fee will be added.  

Could your business benefit from advertising in MEDITERRANEAN Magazine? We are the only Lifestyle Magazine focusing on the region and its food, travel, people, culture and events.  Perfect advertising candidates include: olive oil companies, wine brands, travel agencies, restaurants, belly dancers, hookah industry suppliers, Middle Eastern food businesses, Oriental & Persian rug companies,  and business people who choose to advertise on the page of their country of origin or country they are passionate about. Please contact us today to advertise or for a custom quote.