The Mediterranean Diet Recipe:

The Mediterranean Diet is known to decrease the occurrences of cardiovascular disease and arteriosclerosis; hypertension; Type II diabetes and glucose intolerance: and obesity. But one of its other benefits is that the Mediterranean Diet is so loaded with antioxidants that it is highly effective at fighting the aging process.

The Mediterranean Diet, while it does allow limited amounts of meat, primarily consists of fresh fruits and veggies; beans and nuts; whole grains and legumes; fresh herbs and spices; and seafood. One of its most important ingredients is olive oil. So with that in mind, let's put together a typical Mediterranean Diet meal.

How does fresh garlic soup, followed by whole grain pasta prepared with a pesto made of olive oil, fresh basil, and pine nuts, baked fish, and fresh fruit salad, sound? Or if you prefer something with a Middle Eastern flair, what about lamb chops grille with fresh rosemary and garlic, with fresh green beans and almonds, and falafel and tzatziki sauce? Of babaghanoush paired with brown rice and lentils, a fresh green salad with an olive oil and lemon juice dressing, or artichokes with arugula, roasted chicken, a fresh tomato salad with basil and buffalo mozzarella, and raw almonds with raw honey for dessert? You can also add whole grain bread to any meal!

As different as each of these meals may sound, they all have plenty of shared characteristics. They include lots of fresh veggies and/or fruit; and they substitute olive oil for saturated fats. Take the ingredients of babaghanoush, for example:

Six large eggplants
Eight tbsp fresh lemon juice
Four cloves fresh garlic
Six rounded tsps tahini (ground sesame seeds)
One tsp sea salt
Two sprigs parsley for garnish

By eating freshly prepared babaghanoush with fresh fish, you'll be getting a nutrient-packed meal rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, and your body will love you for it! And the Mediterranean Diet contains plenty of other equally simple recipes, based of ingredients which are simple to find. All you'll have to do is figure out how to get them while they are as fresh as possible, and try to find those which are organically produced if they are not grown locally.

You'll never run out of recipes for the Mediterranean Diet if you know how to perform an Internet search, because there are hundreds of then available on line at no cost, and most of them provide easily understood directions.

So why not do the sensible thing and begin following the diet proven to be one of the most nutritious yet known? You'll love how the Mediterranean Diet makes you feel and look, and everyone who knows you will be dying to learn your secret!

Hummus Recipe:

Do you enjoy a delicious humus recipe? If you didn't know it, some people like their hummus a little firm and some like it somewhat smooth and creamy. Whatever way you prefer, hummus it is a healthy, nutritious and delicious snack that be eaten with chips, crisped or regular pita bread, vegetables such as carrots, sliced red and green peppers, cucumbers and celery or any other veggie you can use for dipping.

Chickpeas are the main ingredient in hummus or you may run across some recipes that use garbanzo beans which are the Spanish words for chickpeas. Hummus in the Arabic language means chickpea and it is a popular side dish found just about everywhere in the world, but mostly popular in the Mediterranean, the Middle East, and India. Hummus is found in many cultures and countries and enjoyed all over the world, but there isn't really any agreed upon country of origin. However, hummus is know as one of the oldest dishes in all the world.

The usual and most common hummus recipe includes chickpeas, tahini (a required ingredient), olive oil, garlic (of course, the more the better) lemon juice and salt. There are many variations of hummus and they can be made by adding spices and other ingredients such as cumin and paprika, or pine nuts, parsley, cilantro, roasted red peppers or different kinds of peppers, basil pesto, roasted garlic, eggplant, ground pepper, spicy red pepper and just about any number of other ingredients. Many grocery stores feature a wide variety of different kinds of hummus since this continues to be an ever popular dish.

We usually end up making our hummus recipe with one 15 ounce can of garbanzo beans or chickpeas, organic preferred, 2 cloves of garlic, a whole lemon, a half tablespoon of salt and 2 tablespoons each of both tahini and extra virgin olive oil. As you mix the ingredients up in your food processor if your mixture is too thick as it sometimes tends to be, you can add a little water at a time to get just the right consistency the way you like it. We like it a little bit thicker, but our favorite Middle Eastern restaurant in town makes it fairly thin and we always enjoy visiting and partaking in a different kind of hummus.

Hummus is certainly one of the most popular dishes in the entire world and it is a delicious, healthy and very nutritious snack that can complement many different meals from any number of different cultures. If you've never tried hummus, you are missing out on a tasty and healthy snack.

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