Turkish Food Overview:

Hailed as one of the three most sumptuous cuisines around the world, Turkish food celebrates culture and flavor.

Origin of Turkish Food

In order to understand their cuisine, it is important to know a bit about Turkish history. The original Turks weren't city folk, in fact, they lived a nomadic lifestyle; travelling from the Far East down into Asia Minor: the current Turkey. As they travelled, Turkish ancestors managed to gather various food influences from different cultures, refining it until they've developed their own flavor.

Take the Turkish dish €manti€ for instance; these are tiny pieces of dough stuffed with tasty spices and minced meat then topped with yoghurt. For those familiar with Chinese cuisine, it's obvious that it's adopted from Chinese dumplings.

Turkish Cuisine Today

Today, food and meals is an important social occasion for many Turkish folks. It is enjoyed with plenty of gusto and often shared with friends as well as family. Meals are intertwined with society, whether it's shared at home, during religious occasions or extravagant feasts.

Internationally, Turkish cuisine has made itself known all across the globe. From its fresh herbs, to the unique preparation of food and dishes; the intense and one-of-a-kind flavors have won the hearts of many. There are countless restaurants that offer authentic Turkish dishes. Some even go as far as ordering the ingredients fresh from the country.

Turkish cuisine can be categorized based on its main ingredients. If you haven't tasted authentic Turkish food, the best way is to try out some of their most popular dishes.

Here is a small list of dishes worth trying out:

Vegetable Dishes

Veggies make up the number one ingredient in most Turkish recipes. Turkey offers a huge diversity when it comes to vegetables, hence, it's no surprise they can create extraordinary meals with this as the main ingredient. Try out Turkish Meza, Yaprak Sarma and Taze Fasulye if you get a chance.

Meat Dishes

For meat cuisines, the Kofte, Kuru Fasulye, Manti and the Karniyarik are among the dishes you can lavish on and enjoy.


One of the most popular and well-known out of the Turkish dishes, the kebap is an iconic Turkish meal. It's essentially a helping of meat, skewered and grilled vertically over charcoal. These are then thinly sliced and the meat is scooped up from the bottom. Some of the most popular types include Doner Kebab, Sis Kebab and Adana Kebab.

Turkish Sweets

There is also something sweet to enjoy in Turkish cuisines. Baklava, Sobiyet, Tavuk Gogsu and Kadayif are among the many desserts available to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Explore Turkey and the delightful food culture they have to offer by dropping a visit to your nearest Turkish restaurant. For food connoisseurs, it will be a trip filled with flavor and culture.