OliVino Mediterraneo & Club Mediterraneo Business Plan

Brief Description:

The OliVino Mediterranean Project will be a business which utilizes its space to operate as four synergistic businesses in one location thus maximizing profitability and mitigating risk. The business activities which will occur on the property include:

  • An olive oil importing operation

  • A Mediterranean olive oil & gift store offering oils, Turkish coffee makers, hookahs, Persian rugs, art, hamsas and many other gift items from the region and nearby countries.

  • A marketing firm which owns several online publications both to promote our activities and sell or trade advertising to related businesses and partners in the region.

  • A Mediterranean tapas & wine bar which will offer its clients Mediterranean & Middle Eastern music, belly dancing, hookahs, and themed events featuring entertainment from all over the Mediterranean world.

Mission Statement:

At OliVino we offer the world's finest olive oils & wines from the Mediterranean region. Think of us as the ultimate in Mediterranean entertainment and a cultural pairing experience. Sample the oil and stay for the dance, music and culture from its region of origin.


Jay Shapiro was founder of IsRoil Brand Olive Oil which has been sold as an online gourmet gift item since 1999. Jay was also organizer of the Fort Lauderdale International Olive Oil Festival 2008 which was attended by 1800 people from all over the world. The video of the two day festival can be watched on YouTube Subsequent endeavors include launching: Mediterranean Culture Magazine, Institutionalization and Mondo Italiano Newspaper all of which are Mediterranean and entertainment related entities which will be utilized to promote OliVino and its operations.

Jay is also a seasoned chamber of commerce professional and plans to host weekly business networking events at OliVino to further promote products, events & services offered.

Daily Operations:

OliVino Mediterraneo will operate in a mixed use facility of about 3500 square feet with a small warehouse or air conditioned garage component for the shipping & receiving of olive oil and other products. A former restaurant facility could work as well. The location must include an outdoor patio area which can be used for cigar and hookah events, an area suitable for live entertainment and to install a dance floor large enough to host 60 patrons, an area which can be utilized as the company gift store and two rooms to be utilized as offices. One office for management and one office to operate a small call center and marketing agency to promote events, products and advertising in our publications.

The typical weekday schedule at OliVino:

10:30am Open Business and commence marketing both in house proprietary brands and other brands of olive oil via operating the telemarketing room which will solicit local gourmet grocers for the purchase of Israeli, Moroccan, Turkish, Sicilian and other olive oils. The call center / marketing department will consist of: A graphic designer who can engage in email marketing when not designing, a telemarketer and a seasoned nightclub promoter who will promote our evening networking events and night life events until midnight till 3am depending on the night of the week.

6:00 - 9:00pm OliVino will host weekly events designed to increase corporate exposure such as: Chamber Mixers, Olive Oil Tasting Events and other Business Events.

9pm till close (midnight till 3am) At 9pm the nightlife component starts.

We will close the retail store component and start entertaining those who do businesses with our publications, those who buy our products and those who speak the native language of the promotion of the night. We will host parties with the live music & culture from every Mediterranean country and nearby countries with a thread of common culture such as and occasional Bollywood night. Our events will include Spanish events which will tap in on the Miami area's huge Latino population. Our Spanish language events will include Gypsy Kings style music and Flamenco. Also: Moroccan, Lebanese Dabkeh, Israeli music such as David Broza & Idan Raichel, Sicilian Cultural Music, Turkish, etc.

Start up Costs:


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Cash Flow:

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OliVino Mediterraneo has been in the planning stages for 15 years. We are currently putting together an investment prospectus for what will be South Florida's only Mediterranean & Middle Eastern Nightclub which will offer different themes on different nights of the weeks and give patrons an opportunity to party in an authentic Mediterranean environment and listen to music by such performers as: David Broza, Amr Diab, Tamer Hosni, Idan Raichel, local performers such as Claude Kadoch, Michael Matone and hundreds more. Belly dancing, cultural nights and events from the varying yet shared cultures from all over the Mediterranean region and nearby countries.  OliVino will be a true world music lovers paradise.  The business will serve as an olive oil importing company, Mediterranean gift store and advertising agency by day and transform into a nightclub and event center by night.  To get involved please email Jay at: eventsinsouthflorida@gmail.com