South Florida Greek Festivals are Back in Full Force

West Palm Beach's St. Catherine function was well attended and every bit as good as it was when I attended around 2010.  Everybody was relaxed, happy and having a good time!

2022 Schedule

  Friday Saturday Sunday

12:00 PM Karavani Orchestra - Tent (all day)

1:00 PM Karavani Orchestra - Tent (all day) Junior Dancers - Tent

1:30 PM Junior Dancers - Tent Intermediate Tavern - Stage

2:00 PM Karavani Orchestra - Tent (all day) Intermediate Island - Tent Junior Dancers - Stage

2:30 PM Junior Dancers - Stage Intermediate Island - Tent

3:00 PM Intermediate Tavern - Tent Junior Dancers - Tent

3:30 PM Dance Workshop - Tent Hellenic Dance Festival Team - Tent

4:00 PM Junior Dancers - Stage Hellenic Dance Festival Team - Tent

4:30 PM Intermediate Tavern - Tent Junior Dancers - Stage Senior Mainland - Tent

5:00 PM Junior Dancers - Tent Senior Mainland - Tent Intermediate Island - Stage

5:30 PM Intermediate Island - Stage Intermediate Island - Stage Dance Workshop - Tent

6:00 PM Dance Workshop - Tent Dance Workshop - Tent

6:30 PM Hellenic Dance Festival Team - Tent Hellenic Dance Festival Team - Tent

7:00 PM Hellenic Dance Festival Team - Tent Hellenic Dance Festival Team - Tent Senior Cretan - Tent

7:30 PM

8:00 PM Senior Mainland - Tent Senior Cretan - Stage

May 9th, 2021


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Greek Festivals in South Florida

Florida Mediterranean Fest - La Vie Restaurant Pompano Beach July 17th 2017

Hollywood Greek Fest - St. George Greek Orthodox Church, Jan 28th and 29th 2017

North Miami Greek Festival - G.O. of Annunciation.  October 31st till November 2nd 2014.

Details: Celebrating its 50th Anniversary, the Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church Invites you to come and celebrate TASTE OF GREECE FOOD & WINE FESTIVAL. There will be authentic Greek Food, Greek Pastries, Live Greek Music, Dance Performances, Games for the Kids, Church Tours, and much more.

Miami Greek Festival - St. Andrews Greek Orthodox.  November 14th - 16th 2014.

Details: Miami Greek Festival, our largest fundraiser of the year, allows us to share our Greek heritage with the wonderful South Florida community. Visitors have the opportunity to enjoy delicious Greek food and pastries (made on the premises!) and beverages as well as traditional music and dancing. There are also opportunities to purchase authentic Greek merchandise and beautiful gifts. Most importantly, though, it is a fun, lively, three-day party enjoyed by all and thats why we call it The Biggest Greek Party in Town!!

Fort Lauderdale Greek Festival - St. Demetrios.  February 6-8th 2015.

Details: The Jr. Palazakia, Palazakia, Sr. Palazakia, Kamaria, and HDF Dancers will once again perform at our annual Greek Festival February 6-8. Put on your dancing shoes and join us as we perform Traditional Greek Dances to the delight of everyone who attends our Festival!

Passport to Greece Festival - Boca Raton - St. Marks Greek Orthodox.  January 26-29th 2017

Details: One of the best Greek Festivals in the country.  Large tent with exhibitors from as far away as Tarpon Springs (little Greece)  many live musical performances, great food and dancers.

West Palm Beach Greek Festival - held in February at Saint Catherine's Greek Orthodox.  tbd for 2015

Greek Food Distributors in South Florida:

Greek Foods Florida - Hellas Imports

515 NW 21st Ave

Hollywood, FL  33020

Seeking quality EVOO  Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Greece and reside in South Florida?  Stop by the Steak Shop & Deli in Pompano Beach, FL and ask for John Loupisakis!!  Tell him Jay Shapiro sent you.  The Steak Shop can be found at:   John's brand of Olive Oil "Kolympari" is THE most respected oilin the South Florida Greek Community and can be found at: